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Baked Beef in Corn Flakes

“Your child will follow your examples, not your advice.”
I cannot agree more with this quote, yet all the time I fall short from it. I give advice to my children. Every well intentioned mothers do so.  I am doing it because I do not want them to lead a wrong path. I want them to be safe. I want them to be protected from bad influences. I am sure they are tired of listening to me as manifested in their responses, but I have to do it because it is for their own good.

My kids are now in the age when they want to be independent. I noticed that my words do not matter anymore. So I shifted my strategy from words to action. Though I still give them advices, I am  making sure that I vicariously live the words that I say. I eat healthy, I exercise everyday and  I work hard in my studies. I  also try so hard  not to be easily stressed out.I do not say bad words and I show them my faith in God.

I am far from being an excellent mother but I am trying to be a good one. There are things in life that I can change, but the mark I leave to my children lives on, so I am trying my best to leave a good impression. With the daily stresses, it is not easy, but I want my children to see that I am trying my best. I hope that my toil will not be in vain. And I hope and I pray that my children will say that indeed, I am a good mother.